LOTS Of Information/ History

/ 29 September 2007

It’s 1:45 pm here in St. Paul. I’ve gone nonstop since 8:00 am reading the Wikipedia and other online sources collecting TONS of information on the history of Apple Inc. (back then, Apple Computer Inc.) and their Mac OS to use as part of my personal project. It’s been quite fun and interesting to be reading so deeply on the history of the Mac OS. Currently I’ve got a flourishing in-depth history, all but 6 release dates out of every release of the Mac OS from System Software 1.0 to Mac OS X 10.5.0 (in guessing at the end), and some notes on what made it past and what didn’t make it past the transition from the Classic OS to OS X. On top of that I’ve got a file of other random tidbits of information. I doubt I’ll use all this information in my final products (Keynote, Application, and turn-in CD), but at least I have a good amount to choose from.

My basic plan for constructing my final products is to wait until 10.5 is installed on my MacBook to do much of the final touches for the application example, but the rest I’ve already started on. I also plan to spend all my break time from school (not weekends exactly), including intersession and the holiday break, to work on my project. Enjoy, Alex.