Most iLife Applications Updated

/ 26 September 2007

Today Apple released an update for almost every iLife ‘08 application.

In GarageBand 4.1 they’ve fixed an issue with isolated graphic display, 3rd Party audio software, and issues with Magic GarageBand. They also fixed general compatibility issues.

In iMovie 7.1 they’ve made several changes, only the headings of which I’m putting here. Multiple Clip Selection, Fine Tuning, Still Frame Creation, Frame-by-Frame trimming, Audio Ducking level control, Manual Audio Fades, Performance Improvements, Set Duration for Transitions and Stills, and Show Current Playhead Time. They’ve also made general compatibility improvements.

In iPhoto 7.1 they’ve fixed an issue with moving pictures from one event to another. They’ve also added a couple new card designs, primarily holiday card designs. They’ve also made general compatibility support fixes.

In iDVD 7.0.1 they’ve addressed many minor issues, and enhanced general compatibility support.

They’ve also released what calls itself an iLife Support Update 8.1. This update fixes issues with the system components shared across all iLife applications. This update is required for the others to be installed. According to the online documentation about this support update, iMovie is completely reinvented in this set of updates.

In all Apple released 5 updates today. I don’t know exactly, but they may have released a 6th that’s for the iPhone. Enjoy, Alex.