MHz Requirements For 10.5

/ 24 September 2007

I guess you can tell that as 10.5’s development months draw to a close many more tidbits of information/ rumors get into the wild. Here goes with yet another one that’s made it onto my blog.

ARS Technica is reporting that the system requirements needed to run 10.5 Leopard have been raised. In early development 800MHz/ 512 MB systems like all the old iBooks/ iBook G4s and older iMacs were considered able to run 10.5. Today, however, the Leopard engineers are (after months of beta testing) reconsidering the minimum requirements and raising the cutoff point. It’s been reported that the cutoff point is now set to 867 MHz/ 512 MB RAM and 9 GB available hard disk space. This cutoff (of course) is no problem to me now, but all of my family’s PPC-based macs will be unable to run 10.5 if these requirements become the official ones. Currently the 9 GB requirement means I’d have 85 GB remaining on disk (I currently have 94 GB remaining). This means that by 10.6 is released all PPC-based systems will be dropped, and Rossetta with them. Enjoy, Alex.