Another Large Project

/ 23 September 2007

Over the past few weeks, a friend of mine that I’ve known since 4th grade and I have seriously started to create a mini-series called, well we don’t really have a good name for it yet, any ideas will be accepted in comments. Based on an old project of Nathaniel’s were calling the “company” Moonfish Productions. We’ll use iMovie to edit the episodes and YouTube as the release location. As well as that, I’ll release a blog post with each uploaded video that has that video embedded for your viewing convenience. That’s where the new category comes in. This category will contain those blog posts and help publicize the episodes. I don’t expect that our first episode will be out prior to 10.5, however, ahead of that you can view the Moonfish Productions website to learn more. I mean “Another Large Project” since it’s on top of my IB Personal Project on Mac OS Computer Programming. Enjoy, Alex.