Absence Of Secret Features?!?!

/ 23 September 2007

The same report that I blogged about yesterday also mentions that some of the “Secret Features” of 10.5 Leopard are apparently missing from the build. The one it mentions off the bat is resolution independence.

Perhaps it's been the prolonged development cycle, not to mention the absence of "secret features" like resolution independence.

If this is true, and things like resolution independence really aren’t in the most recent beta build of 10.5, then Apple really should take more time on the development. Otherwise, they’ve now hinted to a potentially useful (my mom would have used it on her MacBook Pro) new feature that isn’t ever going to exist. I guess we’ll just need to see what is and isn’t in the Golden Master build to know what all will be in 10.5 Leopard. Enjoy, Alex.