Single Photo For All Use

/ 22 September 2007

Back when I first got my MacBook I took 5 different photos in Photo Booth. One of them I used on my homepage, another I used as my account picture. Both were taken on the same day, so I was wearing all the same clothes. Today I’ve now used the photo that is my account icon picture on many many many websites that I have account with. Single examples are Flickr, Gravatar, and iLike. Those also aren’t nearly it, there are many more too. In doing this I’ve trapped one day of myself eternally on the internet across all these websites. And, that same photo is on my MB as my account icon picture and thus my AB card picture and AIM icon picture.

I want to hint you to how I got the image for my account picture as well. Navigate to /Library/Caches and scroll down until you see an image file. It’s extension will be .tiff, and that file (or one of them) is the picture you took as your account picture. Select that picture at any website upload place to have your picture be the same as what you see daily on your mac. Note, however, that not all websites allow the .tiff image file format, so you may need to save a .jpg copy to upload.

This does now make it wicked hard for me to change my account picture because I’d then require myself to update all those online pictures. I haven’t even been keeping a list of all the places that the picture is used! Enjoy, Alex.