10.5 Beta Builds Close To “Golden Master”

/ 22 September 2007

According to a report at ARS Technica Apple recently released yet another beta build of 10.5. They say that this build has only 2 known bugs. 1 with Archive-and-install and 1 with HP Printers. Excerpts are below:

People familiar with the new release say it contains only two known issues and may be considered the first of several release candidates, the latter of which would eventually be declared Gold Master and shipped off for duplication and retail packaging.


Two known issues are associated with build 9A559, an archive install problem and an issue relating to HP printers.

They say that aside from the known bugs there are a few visual problems in this build. As only 2 weeks remain prior to 10-5-2007, and then just 3 weeks further in the month of October Apple is hard-pressed to get Leopard off to duplication and retail packaging. Enjoy, Alex.