10th Grade IB Personal Project

/ 14 September 2007

This blog post is to introduce the project and it’s associated blog category. The project is the single largest and most open-ended assignment I’ve ever had or ever will have from Crosswinds. It’s on whatever the student chooses and requires 40-80 hours of work (one week). Along with the project we need to keep a running journal of how we’re doing on it, thus the new category on my blog entitled “IB Personal Project”. We get our topic checked off a week from now on Friday, September 21st, and our plan submitted a week from then on Friday, September 28th. At that time I assume that I’ll be able to start working on my project. Until that time, I’ll be using this category as a place to store random ideas for my project and it’s “format”, or way of presenting it. I’m sorry in advance if some of what’s written in this category makes no sense to you, but as it’s being used in such a way that it’ll be graded alongside the project I’ll be writing what’s required in it, not what may make sense to you. I’ll be sustaining a wiki about the project as well. My project idea is “Mac OS Computer Programming”, it will have three distinct sections. Those will be: History, Original-Current Comparison, and Application Example. Enjoy, Alex.