Questions I’d Ask Steve Jobs

/ 8 September 2007

The first U.S. History assignment I had this year was a large packet of questions for the teachers to get to know me better. One of those questions was “if there was anyone you’d like to interview who would it be and what questions would you ask that person”. After thinking for a few hours (between the class and home) I came up with the idea of Steve Jobs. Below are the questions I came up with.

What got you going with the idea behind Apple's computer's physical design and their powerful/ simple OS? What do you think is the next new product that you'll release to the world? Who outside of the computer industry has influenced Apple and yourself (besides Mac OS X developers) with this endeavor?

This was originally written the day before the September 5th Apple Event. But all those questions can still apply today, just count 10.5’s release next month as “already released to the world”. Enjoy, Alex.