50, Well 43 Actually, Lifetime Goals (from Psychology Class)

/ 8 September 2007

This is another school assignment that was to write a list of 50 goals we had for our entire lifetime. The list was supposed to be 50 items long, but I managed to only get 43 items on my list. My list is in the extended body because of how long it is. After you read the list, if you want of course, feel free to comment with a list of your own and/ or the final 7 items of my list as you’d think they’d be. Enjoy, Alex.

  1. Be in a government office
  2. Learn French
  3. Learn Italian
  4. Have a family of at least 2 children (with a wife)
  5. Be in a position of power in some company or school
  6. Help develop computer software
  7. Develop my own computer software
  8. Learn as much as I can
  9. Help out in the creation of a movie
  10. Be part of a organization to change the environmental situation
  11. Plant trees
  12. Plant a garden
  13. Live long enough to meet my great-grandkids
  14. Help make worldwide peace
  15. Start my own computer software company
  16. Invent new technologies for computers
  17. Help the poorest people of the world
  18. Go to college and earn a good degree
  19. Make history in one way or another (alone or with someone else)
  20. Protest any and all wars
  21. Work at some large computer software company
  22. Design new layouts for computers
  23. Help with some space mission (from here on Earth)
  24. Design my own house
  25. Redo the bathroom of whatever house I’m living in
  26. Write my own series of books
  27. Research new ways to power cars
  28. Research new ways to create electricity
  29. Use as many reusable energy sources as I can
  30. Homeschool my kids for at least one semester of school
  31. Learn how to drive a car
  32. Keep a public online blog for my entire life
  33. Keep a private journal that I never show anyone
  34. Develop new ways of powering information technology
  35. Work in a library
  36. Travel to antarctica for research purposes
  37. Vacation in South America
  38. See the Caribbean
  39. Travel by boat down the Atlantic Ocean next to North/ South America
  40. Learn martial arts
  41. Live on an island in some lake during the summer
  42. Learn how to cook Indian food
  43. Learn how to cook Asian food