September 5th Apple Event

/ 5 September 2007

Today as you all know was the Apple Event that was long in question and rumor about what will be released. I just got done watching the Keynote Address online (but full screen), LOTS has been changed and a full overview is here.

A new feature in iTunes, ringtones. For any supported purchase from the iTunes Store you’ll be able to create and sync ringtones for your iPhone. These will cost $0.99 each, just $1.98 for the song + ringtone. A tool to create the ringtones is built straight into the iTunes interface. An update with these enhancements has not yet been released at the time of this blog post.

ALL the iPods have been redone. The iPod Shuffle has all-new colors. The iPod Video is now called iPod Classic and has a totally redone interface. Cover Flow and other image/ video previews are on the right side of the interface. The iPod Nano is now smaller and has the same redone interface. It can now play videos and run games. Both the iPod Classic and the iPod Nano are now built with entirely metal cases. All these also have larger storage space for the same or lower price as their predecessors.

An entirely new iPod model has been released, the iPod Touch. This has an interface equivalent to the iPhone’s. The new feature here is the iTunes Wi-Fi Store, an iPod Touch/ iPhone app that gives you complete access to the iTunes Store from anywhere you have Wi-Fi internet access. Yes, this iPod has Wi-Fi.

The iPhone has got some changes in this event. First off, it’s cheeper. It starts at only $399.00 I think (it’s store page crashes Safari right now). Also, a software update will bring it the iTunes Wi-Fi Store.

Apple has also entered into a partnership with Starbucks where Starbucks will be broadcasting their listing of the current and 10 most recent songs that are played in the store to the iPhone/ iPod Touch music store so people inside the Starbucks they’re at can not only know what song is currently playing, but also buy that song and any of the 10 most recent songs with one click. Starbucks thinks that full nationwide support for this will be implemented by 2009. Seattle and New York will be the first two cities to gain this capability.

Those are the top things introduced today at the September 5th, 2007 Apple Event. We know there has to be at least one more Keynote Address ahead of the holiday season. That’s the one where 10.5 Leopard and possibly new generations of macs get announced. Enjoy, Alex.