The First Day Of 10th Grade

/ 4 September 2007

Today was the first day of school for this school year. For me the day went quite well. The bus is entirely the same, same route number, same bus, same stops, and same bus driver. When I got to school they did have homeroom assignments.

In homeroom we learned where our workstations where and got our daily schedules. This year there’ll be only 4 class periods, the second of which gets split down the center by lunch. All the classes are based on the A—B calendar, so the first day (today) was an A-Day, tomorrow will be a B-Day, the next will be an A-Day and so on. The problem with that is if we don’t remember what day it is we can’t know what classes to go to. I dropped off all my school suplies at my workstation before going to my first class.

My first class on the A schedule is Biology (taught by my homeroom teacher, quite useful). In that we learned the basics of the year-long course, as well as did a few introductory tasks. One of which was to make a simple 3-stanza poem, she had a sheet for us with all the directions on it. That poem will be posted here sometime soon I hope.

My second period class was U.S. History. In that class we learned all the requirements and responsibilities for both that class and the house in general. We then filled out many packets of information that will be used to help learn how we learn and function best. Halfway though that we had lunch.

Lunch was as it always is, but with a slightly different set of students. I had too much anxiety to eat that much.

In the last half of U.S. History we continued to fill out the packets. Since none of us were done at the end of the period it became homework (my only homework for this day as it turned out).

My third period class was Psychology. That was taught by the same teacher as U.S. History, so I didn’t need to move anywhere. We spent most of that class doing quick puzzles and other things to get to better understand what the class will be about. The last 20 minutes of that class we had to create a list of 50 lifetime goals we wish to accomplish in our lifetime. I only had time to get 43 before we had to turn it in. A select few of the items on my list may end up here soon.

For the fourth and last period of the day I had Gym. In that time we did Archery. We also learned that next Wednesday we’ll be running the mile and that the fitness testing this quarter will only consist of the mile and one other event of our choice. The extra event I choose will likely be the V-sit.

That was my day today. For reference I’ve pasted my B-Day schedule below:

  • Forensics — same teacher as my homeroom teacher and Biology
  • In Crowd — taught by the World Geography teacher
  • Lunch
  • In Crowd — taught by the World Geography teacher
  • Geometry A
  • English 10 — taught by my old English teacher from 6-7 who moved to 10 two years ago

I hope those of you that also started school today had as simple and nice a first day as I did. Enjoy, Alex.