Getting Ready

/ 3 September 2007

As today is the final day before school begins tomorrow, I’ve been spending whole chunks of my day not only thinking about school, but also getting ready for it. Eric, Nathaniel, and I spent the first 2 hours of our afternoon grocery shopping, partly to get the needed ingredients for home lunches at school tomorrow. I also spent some time packing my computer bag full with most of my school suplies so I can easily carry them to school in the morning. Hopefully I’ll have a workstation (desk) assigned to me when I get there so I don’t end up carrying all the supplies around. Probably the only school supplies that I won’t be getting to school tomorrow is the stuff we got for the entire house anyway (the school is split up, partly by houses), and that stuff isn’t as important to be there on the first day. All in all I think it’s been enough time for me to be away from regular school and I’m looking forward to school in the morning. There will be many challenges on the first day of school, like schedules, workstation assignments, and bussing, but those ought to be easily overcome. I also know that during these first few days of school I’ll likely need to keep my computer in the house office during lunch since we won’t yet have a better place for it. Tomorrow will be a hard day, but you also need to remember that every first day of a school year is. Enjoy what’s left of summer break (the next few hours), Alex.