Reassured About 10th Grade

/ 31 August 2007

Yesterday evening was the open-house at Crosswinds. Even though the teachers didn’t have homeroom or workstation assignments yet it felt quite reassuring to be standing in the Aquarius house talking to the teachers. There were the unexpected things, like the fact that I wasn’t on the Special Ed list (which may have had to do with the 6 months of being in Austria), but overall it somehow felt reassuring to meet (for my parents) and simply talk to (for me) the teachers. Luckily the only one that wasn’t there is the one teacher that I’ve already had as an English teacher back in 6th and 7th grades in Earth House. Because they didn’t have workstations already assigned I’ll be spending the first week or two of school taking my school suplies to school bit-by-bit in my normal computer bag. Enjoy, Alex.