iPod Nano Supplies Drying Up

/ 31 August 2007

In the last week prior to Apple’s event on Sept. 5th, iPod Nano supplies are drying up. This is all close to guaranteeing the many rumors about this next Apple Event being entirely about iPods. This next Apple Event is almost guaranteed to contain less updates than the last one where iLife/ iWork ‘08 and new iMacs were released. Though this event won’t have any direct impact on the Mac OS, I bet that 10.4.11, the final maintenance release to 10.4 Tiger, will be released to the public. After all, it’s been under development since close after 10.4.10 was released (on 6-21-07 according to my Software Update log). On top of that, I think that Apple may release to developers yet another round of 10.5 Leopard beta builds. After all, if they’re going to release the OS in October then a “Golden Master” candidate build needs to be selected in the first half of September so public installers can be made and sent out to retailers worldwide. Enjoy, Alex.