Half-Day At The State Fair

/ 29 August 2007

Today Eric, Nathaniel, and I spent most of our afternoon at the Minnesota State Fair. We ended up going in a zig-zag like path across it to see as much as we could. The first thing we did was look at the Education building (where Eric will be volunteering on Sunday), then we walked over to the Eco building. After that we spent some time to ride the Sky Glider along the longest area of the fair to get back into the center areas. Once there we started to find food (not healthy, of course) to eat. The first food we got was a Nut Roll. It was during the time we were eating the Nut Roll that Eric proposed to Nathaniel and I that we take the zig-zag pattern across the fair. That pattern went as follow: walk along the Sky Ride to it’s end doing what we wanted on that path, then take the Sky Ride back, then walk back up the other side to the gate. So we walked up along the Sky Ride, at the other end we got lemonade and elephant ears.After we finished eating/ drinking that stuff we rode the Sky Ride back the way we had just walked. At the other end we got a bucket of chocolate chip cookies (most of which we still have) and started to walk in the rough direction of the gate. We spent some time walking though a building of chickens and ducks before arriving at the milk stand. There Nathaniel and I both got milk (he had chocolate milk, I had white milk). After we drank the milk we went into the Miracles Of Birth building and saw a calf that was just 45 minutes old and 11 piglets that were just 5 hours old. At that point we called Mary (who drove us to and from the fair) and headed towards (and then out) the gate. That pretty much sums up my (and Eric’s and Nathaniel’s) afternoon at the Minnesota State Fair. Enjoy, Alex.