First Impressions With The New Web Gallery

/ 23 August 2007

Today I let Eric use my MacBook as the computer to host the uploading of a web gallery of some photos. Overall I’m not that impressed. First of all, in the uploading process it took 1 hour to start, that’s the hour that it counted down with. Then after that it took 1 to 2 hours to pend all the photos to the gallery. In the end the uploading must have taken 3 hours. I know that amount of time can change based on network access and based on the fact that the iPhoto library was on an external hard drive plugged in via FireWire. Then, after the upload was complete Safari kept crashing when I was viewing the Web Gallery. So, in the end the idea behind Web Gallery is a good one, but the implementation that Apple uses isn’t good. Enjoy, Alex.