Exploring Numbers

/ 21 August 2007

Recently I’ve had a few uses for Numbers in which I’m learning how to use it. The use that I have is as an easy tool to make decent looking weekly schedules in for school. In the many things I’ve already learned about Numbers it’s seeming like a really useful new tool in Mac OS X (iWork really). I’ve learned how easy it is to create formulas. The method is quite simple, however, it’s also somehow possible to instead of returning the proper value to return a standing “TRUE” or “FALSE” in the cell. Though I know that messing around with fonts will fix this, I’ve also learned that I don’t exactly like what the defaults are for fonts.

Overall Numbers is a nice and well-apreciated addition to iWork. Before it I had been using Google Spreadsheets, but that was a bit annoying, so I’m glad that I now have Numbers to use instead. I do, however, have a slight wish/ hope that in some future release of iWork both Pages and Numbers will gain the ability to integrate to “Google Docs and Spreadsheets” for sharing and backup purposes.

The only things that iWork now lacks are it being fully installed by default on new macs and a database application. Once it gains those two things then I think that iWork will definitely be a useful set of applications to be on all macs (and will have fully replaced the long-dead Appleworks).

I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much since I got back, but I’ve been quite busy. Enjoy, Alex.