Appliance Issues (That Have Been Fixed)

/ 15 August 2007

I’ve been too busy being glad I’m home to blog much about being here. We came home to learn that our dishwasher was totally dead. So we needed to get a new one. Eric did that at the same time as dealing with license plate issues (possibly to be talked about in another post). The day before that new dishwasher was due to be delivered and installed Mary noticed that our washing machine was refusing to clean clothes. So the next morning we asked the person who came to install our new dishwasher, but as we expected he couldn’t help with the washing machine issue. So Mary called a person that could help and he just left after fixing the washing machine. All that turned out to be broken was the sensor that lets the machine know that the door is closed (Eric thought it might be that). So now all our large appliances seem to be working properly. Hopefully the slight tension that came from these two issues is the last of it’s kind for a while. Enjoy, Alex.