Camera Importing w/ iPhoto 7

/ 11 August 2007

Though there aren’t any photos currently on my camera I still decided to see what the new iPhoto does with cameras. It adds the camera into the (usually hidden) “Devices” category (like iTunes w/ CDs and iPods). Then, it will display all the items on the camera like any other album under the camera source. The old Roll Name and Description fields are underneath the photos. Below and to the left of that are two checkboxes, “Autosplit events after importing” and “Hide photos already imported”. These no doubt control the display and import process (I’ll find out in a week at the FamilyFest). Below and to the right of the two text fields are two buttons, “Import Selected” and “Import All”. Oddly, I don’t see a “Delete photos after import” checkbox (but that may be because no photos are on the camera at this time). It seems clear to me that importing photos off of cameras into iPhoto is much nicer and smoother in v7 than it was in v6. Enjoy, Alex.