Excitement And Sadness

/ 9 August 2007

I now feel both excitement that we’re actually over North America at the moment, and sadness that an entire 6 months could be gone so quickly. Despite all the nasty things I said and did I never wanted to be back at home until today. Part of me never even wanted to leave Vienna because of my love for Oma and for the fun history she can tell us about our family. We never got audio recordings of her stories into iTunes, and that’s sad, because future generations would love to hear them. Eric did photograph each photo of each album in Oma’s house, but even the comments about the photos are useless unless accompanied by full stories told in-person by someone who was there when the picture was taken. Only the 4 of us ever have gotten that ability to experience the full meaning of these 2,000+ pictures on iPhoto library DVD’s of our family’s heritage on Oma’s and Opa’s side. I feel sorry for my many relatives who won’t fully understand those pictures the way that I do.