The Last Day!!

/ 7 August 2007

I was too caught up in the Apple Event yesterday to blog about the ending of our time here in Austria. I’m now writing this blog post at the start of the last full day. I can’t properly believe that within a day we’ll be really heading off to the Vienna International Airport. Today will be a fast and busy day consisting of us rapidly doing the final things we want to get done here, repacking, and simply enjoying our last few hours here. This evening I’ll be making a final backup to be sure that as recent a copy of my MB as possible gets packed into our checked luggage. After I brush my teeth this evening I’ll also be packing away my bathroom bag until Thursday evening (St. Paul time). Chance are quite good that I may be too busy to blog again until the plane, therefore this blog post may be marking the end of all blog posts I write from Huchkagasse 9. Enjoy your day while I try and enjoy me super-busy last day, Alex.