More On The Apple Event

/ 7 August 2007

I just read that .Mac was indeed updated. It now has a “Web Gallery” feature. This feature is said to be nicely integrated with all the iLife apps. This feature apparently also has some cool collaboration features for both computers and iPhones. This means that more than one person will be able to contribute to a web gallery using a special email address. Web Gallery also has many views for the photos, Cover Flow is one of them. You can apparently resize photos. The entirety of Web Gallery will be directly integrated to the iPhone. iPhone users may be seeing a software update because of all this. .Mac also has gotten a storage bump, to 10 GB. The price will be staying the same at $99.95 per year.

Because of the updated .Mac I went to see if any new Software Updates were available. I was expecting to find a 10.4.11 or iLife update, but to my shocking surprise the only update that was available was a Front Row update (v1.3.1). The update says that it “provides for improved iPhoto compatibility”, but with my quick run-though I didn’t notice any changes to the interface or reliability/ speed. Unlike with earlier Front Row updates this update didn’t require a restart. I expect that within the next few days we may be seeing updates to everything from iLife to Mac OS X itself. Enjoy, Alex.