Fact Triangles v1.0 Released

/ 6 August 2007

In light of the fact that Sparkle is fully active, and the fact that most of the application is working, I’ve just released the first publicly available version of Fact Triangles. You can obtain a copy at my website, I also have put release notes up explaining what isn’t currently working and what is currently working. It took about 20 minutes for the upload to pass it’s way though onto the server, but it’s now up and able to be actively downloaded. Due to that amount of time it took to upload the file I’m partly thinking about only releasing updates though Sparkle, that is, leaving the original download up online as the publicly visible download. But in the background releasing updates straight to current users. From testing Sparkle I already know that the amount of time it takes to upload just the zipped application is a fraction of the time it took to upload the full installation disk image. Then, (as an example) version 1.0 will be downloaded by a new user, but version 1.2.3 may be the current one. At the time the user first launches Fact Triangles it will tell them an update is available and they can then take it. That also provides a security for downgrading if users und up requiring it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Fact Triangles, Alex.