Reflecting On Algebra Class As A Whole

/ 3 August 2007

Here’s the first part of a series of blog posts I’ll be writing during the summer reflecting on certain classes of 9th grade. When I say in the title “…As A Whole” I’m meaning all quarters, not just the home-school ones.

Algebra was certainly one of my hardest classes during the first senester. I atribute this partly to my own abilities, but (when it comes to the first semester) I atribute at least 50% of the reason to the lack of capability Crosswinds has in teaching the class. Over time they’ve been switching teachers each summer, and in the case of 9th grade, my math teach left the school alongside me, forcing the school to hire a new one mid-year. It is an important class, but it is quite hard for me in some cases. It did get better and I started to catch more of the math when Eric was my teacher during the second semester, but I’m now going back into the craziness of the way math is taught at Crosswinds. At least Geometry is the kind of math that is taught during 10th grade, because that class should be easier for me because of the way I think. After that I’m going to a new school, so the math teaching may be better, it may also be worse, or have the same flaws.

There’s the first part in my series of reflection on 9th grade. Other classes that may be mentioned include Robotics, Javascript, Deutsch, and Art. Enjoy, Alex.