Airport Annoyences

/ 3 August 2007

If there’s anything that I hate most about the internet connection here it’s the many times a week that the connections get dropped. These drop-outs aren’t the same as what the Airport Extreme Update 2007-004 is supposed to fix. I know because it’s happening to all of us and at the same time. We know that it must have to do with the fact that we’re using a (crappy) FON radio. What’s extremely annoying about this drop-off scenario is that it persists across restarts, and since the MacBooks are known (partly) for Airport issues one of the first debugging steps is to restart the mac. Then, we’ve terminated all the (hundreds) of running applications and background utilities that we then need to start up at login and all that for no good reason since the radio itself isn’t allowing the mac online though it. The fix is then to unplug the radio, then plug it back in.

My point is that one of the things I’m looking forward to in a week is having a slightly more reliable wifi base station to use for internet access. Enjoy, Alex.