Mac OS X 10.4.11??

/ 2 August 2007

There have been many rumors popping up all over the internet recently pointing towards yet another release of 10.4 before 10.5 Leopard is released in October. The version number of this update is set to be 10.4.11 just based on Apple’s increasing scale. I’ve chosen to believe about half of what I’ve read. I do understand that Apple might have seeded the release to select developers on Tuesday, and that a worldwide release may come within a week. Some think that this update may fix once and for all some of the issues that came with 10.4.10, but I think that rather than fixing these already known issues, the update may actually make more issues, or make the existing issues worse. If Apple has indeed seeded the update to developers, then I’d expect a public release available though Software Update or a standalone installer within a week from today. So at the latest, by the end of this month if my MacBook is still running 10.4.10, then I’ll expect that Apple won’t be releasing another (and final) direct revision to 10.4 Tiger. I’ll of course mention that the update is available once I’ve downloaded it if it does pop up in my Software Update. It will be ironic if it shows up before we leave Austria since just 4 days ago I’d been expecting that my mac may stay alive (not being restarted) until I was home. Now, I restarted it yesterday due to the recent Airport and Security updates, and if I require myself to install a 10.4.11 update then that’ll be the 2nd time I’ve restarted when I thought that I wouldn’t at all in that time frame. Enjoy, Alex.