A Wet End To The 2006-07 School Year

/ 30 July 2007

Today were the parent-teacher-student conferences and we’ve also done the end-of-year party. So now I’m able to consider myself a 10th grader. It was raining all night and morning but by lunchtime the rain had ended and the sun is now out. Eric had all nice things to say about how the 2nd senester went and has given my some things to review before 10th grade begins in September. Before the end of this trip I’ll write one blog post for each class reflecting on how I think it went and mentioning what good things came out of it for me. That won’t necessarily be restricted to the 2nd semester, I may also mention the classes from the 1st semester as well. The party went well, and I enjoyed all of it. We only did half of it before we ate dinner, then we did the last half afterwards. During the last half we watched a movie and ate ice cream. After the party ended we packed up the entire classroom into piles of stuff to pack into suitcases later this week. Enjoy, Alex.