Daunting Tasks

/ 29 July 2007

Well this is the start of the week in which we finish out the 2006-07 school year, pack up the classroom, start packing to leave in 1.5 weeks, and somehow get in the last few things we want to do for fun. I know we have 3 days next week, but that’s just 3 days, so when it comes to some of the tasks this is the key week for them. I backed up my MacBook earlier today (using the new configuration) while clearly knowing that in one way or another it was the second-to-last backup I’ll be making here in Wien. Either I’ll backup again in one week and then pack the disk away afterwards, or backup again later this week and then pack up the disk. Within the next two days I’m sure that we’ll have vacated our school stuff from the basement (parent-teacher-student conferences are tomorrow and a party is as well, but then it’s on to packing) and leave it be as a new guest room for Oma. My bet is that by the end of Wednesday we’ll have started seriously thinking about what we pack where, and have even started it. By this time next week I’ll probably by writing a blog post about how empty the house now feels, and how sad I am that a week from then I’ll be sitting in my own room again. This may very well be the last time of real freedom before the hectic feeling of needing to spend all the time packing. Enjoy, Alex.