Schonbrun Tiergarten

/ 28 July 2007

Today Eric, Nathaniel, and I spent the day at the Schonbrun Tiergarten (Schonbrun Zoo) to get out of Mary’s hair while she tried to finish a paper that was due yesterday. I let her listen to my music though Front Row during the time that we were gone. We left sometime around 10:00 or 10:30 and we just got back at 3:10. It’s not that hard to get there because it only takes 3 trains, the 38, the S45, and the U4. Once we got there we immediately started to walk though all the various places and see the various animals. At one point we went to a tropical exhibit and were then glad to be outside, the heat of the outdoors felt cold for a few nice minutes. Also, throughout the time that we were at the zoo Eric took many pictures, some of which we’re now thinking may be good candidates for desktop pictures as well as iChat backgrounds in Leopard. About 3/4 of the way through we sat down to eat some sandwiches and fruit that we had brought along. We also managed to drink though at least two full water bottles when we were eating. Somewhere on the way home Eric managed to lose his hat. That makes two hats now that he’s lost on this trip. We’re just hoping that because he wrote his name and email address inside the hat that someone may contact him regarding it. Mary apparently ended up with too many words, so now she has to trim her paper down a bit. But in my mind having too many words is much better than having not enough words. Enjoy, Alex.