Changed Backup Procedure

/ 28 July 2007

I’ve recently seen a bug with SuperDuper! (the application I use to do my weekly backups) that makes it forget the initial settings I tell it unless I use a “.sdsp” (Saved Settings) file to run the backups. I had already been using this type of file so I could use an applescript that I had written to make the backups more automated than SuperDuper! alone can make them. But since this other bug was detected I’ve decided to also stop using my applescript and launch SuperDuper! directly using an alias of the settings file that I’ve placed at the root level of my scripts folder so I can quickly access it from the menubar. Hopefully now that I’ve made these changes to how I backup I can use my Saved Settings file alongside the defaults of SuperDuper! to both do my generic and repetitive weekly smart-update backups, and when necessary (like when I first get 10.5 for example) perform an erase-and-backup. Enjoy, Alex.