Better Luck With Robolab 2.9

/ 28 July 2007

Recently I’ve started to design a program for my NXT that is essentially a room alarm for my room back home. This has meant that I’ve been using Robolab much much more than usual, and thus Rossetta much more than usual. On some occasions I’ve even left it open, just hidden for hours, even across days. During all this fairly intensive use of Robolab 2.9 I’ve not yet seen it crash and only had to force it to quit once, when I was quitting it anyway. The CPU load it makes my MacBook have isn’t even as high as it was when I first tested it on Intel, and when I tested downloading to my NXT with it. Sure I barely could hear the fan spinning as I was writing the programs, but not enough to get annoying. All this is making it clear that just before the ability to use Robolab consistently is required, it has started to behave itself and not crash at all. I can’t imagine how Mindstorms NXT might act on Intel when compared to Robolab 2.9, especially when it comes to compiling (which was wicked slow on my old iBook G4). So I’m quite glad that I made the transition across to fully using Robolab for all Mindstorms computer-tied needs. Enjoy, Alex.