Long-term Theme Idea For My Weblog

/ 27 July 2007

Lately I’ve been thinking about how totally different my blog’s theme is from the CSS style used on the wiki that all my other websites are part of. I was realizing that it may be possible to create a WordPress theme that looks and acts a bit like the one used for our wiki. In the end there’s only one big question about it. That is sidebars. I’d really like to have both the sidebar used on my wiki sites available, and the one that WordPress uses available. The trick would be to either have a sidebar on both sides of the blog posts, or to have them both on the right side with a tab-like way of switching between the two. I guess one other trick of the sidebar would be that I’d like the WordPress-wiki sidebar updated every time the real wiki sidebar is edited. That would be hard as I don’t think that there can be that sort of inter-system sidebar updating. This is just a change that is purely in my own head at the moment (until this blog post) and so won’t likely happen for a while, but I wanted to put the idea out there so you won’t be as surprised if and when it does happen. The idea behind this would be that all my sites would seem slightly more integrated and there won’t be as clear a difference between my blog and my other websites. Enjoy, Alex.