Spotlight And Skipped Folders

/ 25 July 2007

I know that none of us should ever mess with and edit system files. But I think that I’ve just found the very file that Spotlight uses to determine what folders to skip on the boot had drive. There’s a folder at “/System/Library/Find” that has an application named “” and has files named “English Stopwords”, “English Substitutions”, “JapaneseTokenizer”, “SkipFolders”, “StopExts”, “StopTypes”, and “Western European Stopwords”. I looked inside the “SkipFolders” file and sure enough it was a list of all the folders at the root of the hard drive that Spotlight skips entirely when I do a Spotlight search. I know I’ll never dare edit this file, but it seems that I could remove any name from that list and restart and then Spotlight would search (and index) in those folders. There is no such folder like it in any of the other libraries so I sort of wonder where it holds the user preferences on what folders and disks not to search in.