Odd SuperDrive Fact I Just Noticed

/ 25 July 2007

I just spent the time to save a system profile of my MacBook for the sake of records. Every other time in the past that I’ve done this I hear my SuperDrive get accessed. This time, however, I didn’t. My two other ways of getting it to make that noise (iTunes prefs->Advanced->Burning and Disk Utility) failed to make the noise but still acted as expected. My SuperDrive didn’t need the firmware update so it still should be working as it did when I first got the MacBook. This could potentially be a change in the kernel extension that controls the SuperDrive. Has anyone else seen (or heard) this happen? You’d need to have at least a MacBook and to be more direct a MacBook that was purchased during or after May 2007 to have a chance at having the same configuration as I do. Enjoy, Alex.