Comparing Our Stay Here To What I Read In Anne Frank’s Diary

/ 25 July 2007

This blog post is essentially the last essay (probably, but possibly not) I’ll be writing in 9th grade. The only (and big) difference is that it wasn’t assigned and is only here on my blog (and in MarsEdit on my MacBook). It’s an essay that I came up with the idea for and told Eric, but he never actually assigned it so I’m writing it now and posting it here. This essay is meant to count for nothing tied to school, but rather to put some of my ideas tied to this trip into a blog post. As always, the essay itself is in the extended body of the post. Enjoy, Alex. A Comparison Between Our Stay Here And The Story In Anne Frank’s Diary Alex Celeste 7-25-07

I came up with this on my own at the start of the 4th quarter but it never actually became an assignment. I'll start with explaining the similarities and then continue with explaining the differences. So, sit back and enjoy this totally optional idea of mine.

The most basic similarity between us here and what I read in Anne Frank's diary is that we both ended up living for a certain amount of time away from our houses. The next thing similar is that both of us (specifically me, and everone in Anne's diary) didn't like to be away from our normal houses at all. A direct similarity is that we both were on the same side of the planet (even same continent). Also, we both had to deal with people weren't used to being with and still managed to survive though the time. Plus, both of us managed to keep a permanent record of our stay, I've been constantly writing in my blog under the category of "6-month Austria", and Anne wrote he diary.

The most basic difference is directly tied with the most basic similarity, that's that I only was living here for 6 months, the length of Anne's diary is slightly over 2 years. Another fact is that though we were both on the same continent we were in different countries, I've been in Austria, and Anne was in Holland. When it comes to the permanent records we both managed to keep, mine is online and therefore safe and away from me, and became public immediately after I wrote the posts. Anne's diary was totally in her hands and could've easily been destroyed, and she was dead before her family made her entire diary public by publishing it as a book.

So, that was my fairly quick comparison between my stay here in Austria and Anne Frank's diary. I know it was quick, but it got the idea across that there are some pretty direct similarities between my stay here and what I had read from Anne Frank's diary. I could easily compare my stay to a few other things as well, but those all are whole separate essays. Enjoy, Alex.