A Starter List

/ 25 July 2007

Here’s a basic list of the things that we want to get done in these last 13 days. I won’t exactly explain what each one is, but instead will simply list the full list now and then at the end of the trip list what is still on that list (what we didn’t manage to get done). So here’s the list.

Schneeberg Durnstien Lancre Tiergarten Mauthausen Carnuntum …………………..(many more I can’t think of at the moment)

This list is ever-growing (even from what isn’t on this list due to me not thinking of it at the moment), so future lists (like the one I’ll write on Aug. 9th) may have items on it not mentioned on previous lists as not having been done. My main point here is that we have way more we want to do in these last days then we possibly can do. Chance are good you guys may have a better and simpler end of July/ start of August than I’ll even be able to dream of amidst all the stuff we want/ need to get done before we depart. Enjoy, Alex.