2 Full Weeks Left

/ 25 July 2007

Since today is Wednsday, we have exactly 2 weeks left before our last full day here in Wien. Since August 9th is a Thursday, 2 Wednsdays (2 weeks) from now is our last full day here. We really have just half a week before we start seriously thinking about packing. We’re intending to ship some of our stuff in the mail, and probably be packing the school-related stuff early next week as we won’t be needing it. By the end of the last Sundat we’re here we’ll be able to pack the backup had drives since we’ll have made the final backups already. So, we’re already counting do the real 1.5 weeks of not needing to rapidly think about our departure. We’re now into the time in which we need to think about what we want to do during our last 14 days here and get it done. Enjoy, Alex.