And What Has Changed

/ 23 July 2007

So, as we start speeding up our plans for what to do in our last 15 days, 19 hours I’ve been thinking a lot about all that has changed with us since we came here in February. Though this wasn’t the first thing that changed in regaurd to me, I went from having an iBook G4 as my laptop to having a MacBook as my laptop. The only reason I’m mentioning that first is because I’m typing this blog post using a keyboard whose keys are farther apart than the iBook’s were, and that is getting into 2nd nature for me, but it still is why I’m mentioning that first. Also, my iTunes library gained 5 new albums since we got here, 3 for music during school and 2 that Nathaniel had me import for him. One of the bigger changes is that Eric and I both are a year older now than we were back on February 15th when we showed up at Oma’s gate. The next large change that has happened with me is that I came here only halfway though 9th grdae and now I’m in 10th grade (at least by the time I get back I will be). Both Eric and Mary managed to (sadly :( ) gained health-related issues, so that has changed. Mary now shows possibly asthmatic reactions to alergies. Eric now has both one of his knees with the same eternal injury as one of his elbows and has this exema that is tied up with stress according to the dactors here. This is just the beginning of a long and complex list of things that have changed about us and I’ll get into a deeper list within my blog posts that I write as we’re traveling back. For now the list is what is above in this blog post. Enjoy, Alex.