Blackjack Game News; Widget Updated To v1.2

/ 20 July 2007

Here’s some news on my Blackjack game. First of all, for those that use the Dashboard widget, I just released v1.2, it comes with 2 bug fixes and a slightly redone interface. You can download it from my downloads page. Secondly, I’ve updated the online version with a bug fix (the same as what one of the widget bug fixes was). The third piece of news regarding my Blackjack game is about compatibility across less-normal browsers. I’m hoping to test it out on Nathaniel’s Wii sometime to know how it acts on it, but I have gotten it tested on another less-normal platform. As it turns out one of my uncles has an iPhone, so, I emailed him the URL to the online version for testing. Within 15 minutes he replied back saying that it worked fine. That makes some sense because the iPhone uses the same underlying web technology as the normal Mac OS X, but I still was in a small bit of doubt so I’m glad to have proof of the game working on an iPhone. That’s it for news at the moment, I’ll keep you all posted on future widget updates and other news related to my Blackjack game. Enjoy, Alex