A Day Of Endings

/ 20 July 2007

Yesterday is a day I can easily call “a day of endings”. That’s because there’s the obvious ending, it was a Friday, so the end of the work week. Then, it was the last day of classes for the 2006-2007 school year, therefore school practically ended yesterday. Also, we finished watching the TV series “MASH” that we have been watching this entire trip (we stayed up until 12:10 to do it though). Then, as those who love the Harry Potter books know, it was the last day of waiting before the book gets released, which it supposedly did at 1:01 am. Those are all the things that ended yesterday, making each and every one of those topics begin a new set of things today. In respect to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, it’s now out and being read. With regard to us finishing “MASH”, we now will need to watch the “MASH” movie, and then likely read the Harry Potter book out-loud for one hour a day in that time after tonight. When it comes to school basically being over, break is replacing it as simply as can be. As yesterday was a Friday, the new beginning there is of it now being a weekend. Enjoy, Alex