Persuasive Essay On Ending School A Week Early

/ 19 July 2007

This essay is the final essay for the 9th grade school year, and is one that the students back at Crosswinds are doing as well. The essay is to persuade someone of something. Back at Crosswinds it is supposed to be about a rule they have, but here Eric assigned it to be about anything we wanted. Though the decision was already made, I chose to do mine on ending school a week early. The essay is in the extended body of this blog post, but before you read it know this: After reading it please read the blog post entitled “ ‘Persuasive Essay On Ending School A Week Early’ Follow-up” to understand all of what I wrote in the essay. Enjoy, Alex. Persuasion Of Ending School A Week Early Alex Celeste 7-18-07

I'm "for" ending school a week early, and here are my reasons to be. I'm writing this in the position of persuading <i>Herr Celeste*</i> (Eric) to ending school a week early. If your reading this on my blog then right after you read this you should read my follow-up blog post to explain what may be in the dark and not understandable for you.

I like having more break time. I have more freedom during breaks. I'll be able to be outside more on days when it is a reasonable temperature, <i>oder wenn es etwas Wind gibt**</i> (which may never come at all during that extra week). With more time on break I get more time to pack and get ready to leave for St. Paul on August 9th. I don't really need the extra time to pack, but it provides a security around the task that I like having. These are reasons why ending <i>schule ein Woche fr&uuml;h ist ein gut Idee***</i>.

We plainly don't have enough coursework in most classes for another week of school. We've been able to cut off whole chunks of classes or even entire classes from school days if we have to (an example was Oma's birthday). Other facts include that I've finished reading Anne Frank's diary, and that my Blackjack Dashboard widget is about to be on it's 3rd public release (v1.2). Also, Eric hasn't been properly preparing for classes, there's been some times when he's told us he has no plans for the class period. These prove that doing one more week of school may not even be possible even if we wanted/ needed the last week.

We've been waking up later and leaving slightly late as well, thus hindering our ability to start school at the normal time. The grocery stores are all starting to open later making it harder to get back before 8:00. Plus, we haven't been getting out to get stuff in the morning until around 7:50, not 7:20 like we used to. This has set us all into a mode of rushing, for example, this morning (7-19-07) I went from being asleep to being outside with Eric getting semmels within 20 minutes (rushing speeds that I didn't like). This proves that we've had less school anyway so why not end <i>ein Woche fr&uuml;h****</i> to relive the feeling of rush we've had each <i>morgen********</i>.

So, <i>Herr Celeste*****</i>, you too have reasons for ending <i>ein Woche fr&uuml;h, so warum nicht du******</i> just do it. I know that this decision is technically already made, so this whole essay doesn't make that much sense unless you think that this is a description of exactly why I'm for ending <i>schule ein Woche fr&uuml;h*******</i> when it means more time around the annoying Nathaniel (mainly for those reading this on my blog). My position on this is "for" ending school one week early than the one week early we decided upon at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Enjoy, Alex.