‘Persuasive Essay On Ending School A Week Early’ Follow-up

/ 19 July 2007

If you read this blog post you should stop and read the actual essay first. If you juist read the essay then please read this blog post immediately. So, if you haven’t read my essay then you won’t understand this blog post, if you have then you will.

The first piece of follow-up that I’ll be doing is translating the bits of german into english for you, so here’s that (based on the marks within the essay): * Mr. Celeste ** or when there is wind * school one week early is a good idea ** one week early *** Mr. Celeste **** a week early, so why don’t you; “sie” is for “you” when you don’t know the person, “du” is for when you do know the person (“sie” is also “she”) *** school a week early **** morning There, that ought to help you literally understand every word within the essay.

Next I’ll explain some of the deeper things that I referred to from within the essay.

First I’ll explain the piece I said about Eric not planning well for school. At the beginning of this week he was planning to play the game “Take Off” in geography the night before. When he woke up the next morning (I think it was Monday) he started to question if we even brought that game along with us. He asked me if I thought we had brought it and I said that I saw us try to pack it but that in the end we hadn’t. Mary and Nathaniel both answered him with the same basic reply, that we hadn’t brought it. So in class he had no choice but to tell us that he had no real plans for the class period, I suggested Google Earth as a replacement, and so we explored Antarctica on Google Earth. That led us to a few nice websites and videos about explorations there, so in the end we had a great and productive class period anyway.

Next I’ll explain the part that said “when it means more time around the annoying Nathaniel”. That story and side of us being here goes deep into the entirety of our trip here. A couple weeks before the trip Eric and Nathaniel took to Italy (about the time we got back from our Salzburg->Halstatt trip) Nathaniel started getting really annoying towards me. He’d mainly be making faces at me and things like that behind Eric’s and Mary’s backs and then lie saying that he never did those things. Once or twice Eric has managed to get it out of him, but that’s at most twice in 1000 times! I know I’m exaggerating there, but that’s just because of how annoying he’s been recently. He doesn’t seem to do these things in the classroom, too. I hope that this all ends in 2.5 to 3.5 weeks once we’re home, but I kind of doubt that it will. Anyway, that ought to be enough depth for you to understand that sentence in the conclusion of my essay.

From here on out during our trip to Austria you’ll be seeing many many more blog posts that touch on lots of personal matters and aspects of Austria as a result of the lack of school and to gain momentum and support for the “story-like” consecutive blog posts that I’ll write while on the plane and post right after we get home. Those blog posts will go deeply into personal matters and touch on every possible aspect of our 6-month stay in Austria with Oma. Enjoy, Alex.