Oma’s 84th Birthday

/ 17 July 2007

Today was Oma’s 84th birthday. For it we made her a full Thanksgiving dinner and she invited 3 of her closest friends to join us. She was discouraging us from making the meal because of how hot it is especially when cooked on a day where the high is 98F. But we refused to cancel our plans and made the meal anyway. During school we spent half the time (the last full half-day of classes) making birthday cards and blowing up balloons which we then hung over the entry into the dinning room and from the chandelier above the dinning room table. We spent from 11:10 to 1:55 doing the various tasks needed to get ready for her birthday party. At around 2:05 the guests arrived and we then started to eat the large meal that Mary took her whole morning to make. All the food was quite good especially once you know that unlike in the States, Mary made the stuffing from scratch and likewise with most of the other foods. After we filled ourselves up with the main course, the fruit salad that Eric made, ice cream, and a chocolate torte with whipped cream were brought out to overfill our bodies. Before we began devouring the desserts we gave Oma her birthday presents. One of her friends gave her a new purse, our gifts to her were our cards, a book about wild animals (because of the fox that visits each night), and a new hairbrush that we knew she’s been wanting for quite a while now. She loved all the gifts that she received and I’m sure that she is quite happy with them. The fruit salad was quite good, so was the cake and whipped cream, however, in 98F weather the ice cream was the nicest part just because it was still a bit cold. After we finished eating the dessert we moved into the living room to talk while everyone gained the energy to (in the case of Oma’s friends) leave, (and in our case) continue our Tuesday and clean up the enormous mess that the party made. Towards the end of the party Oma said that this birthday party was the best that she has ever remembered. That’s quite nice since it means that we have made one very nice memory for Oma (and succeeded in doing a Thanksgiving meal on a day like today). Enjoy, Alex.