“Front Row Playlist”

/ 9 July 2007

For the first time in quite a while I was playing iTunes music while having iTunes as the frontmost application without the mini-player (the full iTunes window). Usually I’d either be in Front Row or using the Apple Remote/ iTunes contextual menu as the controller for iTunes. I quickly glanced over at my list of playlists for no good reason and noticed an interesting thing that I never saw there before. I noticed that among the list of playlists was one named “Front Row Playlist”, I knew that I hadn’t made it myself, and only after looking at it’s contents realized what it was doing there. Its contents was the last album that I had navigated to from within Front Row. That means that all Front Row really knows how to play are playlists. So when you navigate to an album from within Front Row, iTunes has to quickly add that contents into this playlist so Front Row can play the music. I think that’s quite an interesting discovery to have made, especially given that it means that there will almost always be this playlist named “Front Row Playlist” in the source column of iTunes libraries that live on macs with Front Row installed. Enjoy, Alex