7-7-07: Live Earth Concerts and Climate Day

/ 7 July 2007

Today is Live Earth/ Climate Day. A day set with 24 hours of concerts to raise money for battling the climate crisis and to help gain awareness of the climate crisis. You should visit the Live Earth pledge page to commit yourself to what you can to help combat this climate crisis. There are many concerts worldwide and they’re being transmitted on various TV channels all day, so you ought to be able to easily see at least part of at least one of the concerts. In Vienna there is an all-day public showing of the concerts at the Rathaus Platz (City Hall Plaza), I just recently got back from being there for a little while. They had lots of international foods and booths by groups and organizations that are helping with the climate crisis already. The food was served on real plates and with forks and knives made from recycled materials to help the climate. Though the screen that the concert was on was quite small, the sound was quite good (with the exception of how loud everybody around was). The only annoying thing about it was how many commercials they did in-between songs, and those commercials kept repeating in the same pattern. At least the commercials were tied to the climate as well, not the normal Austrian TV commercials. This evening the Austrian TV will show “An Inconvenient Truth”, we happened to have brought it with us, so we may be upstairs watching it in english instead of watching it on TV in german.

Have a Happy Live Earth day, Alex