SuperDrive Update 2.1

/ 6 July 2007

This is one software update that my MacBook doesn’t need, and frankly I’m very glad of that. The primary reason I’m writing this weblog entry is to warn those that do see this as a needed update of what kinds of damage I’ve read about it doing. First, the basic fact of what drives need the update, the list of drives that need the update are only drives that are “MATSHITA” according to Apple. Many forums and other websites are extensively saying that though the update will show up in Software Update, uncheck it and use the stand-alone installer to be sure that the update completes before restarting the MacBook. Therefore, use Software Update only as the hint that your mac needs the firmware update, not as the source for the update. If you do use Software Update as the source for the update then do only that update and no others at that time. The updater knows what drives need the firmware, so if you download the update and it says that there are no devices to be updated then just get rid of the installer. It seems that all MacBooks shipped just after they bumped the line in May don’t need the update. Signs of this update making your SuperDrive worse include the drive not automatically sucking discs in. Be aware that the drive will still be visible to the System Profiler even if it is hurt. In some cases Apple has needed to replace the SuperDrive in some macs to fix the problem.

So, if you haven’t already updated your SuperDrive I strongly urge you not to. Try and enjoy your day, Alex.