Very Subtle iTunes Interface Change In v7.3

/ 4 July 2007

I just noticed an extremely subtle interface change in iTunes 7.3 that differs from iTunes 7.2. I noticed that there’s a small collapsing triangle next to the category “Playlists” in the iTunes source sidebar. This change seems virtually useless as you can’t add second groups of playlists. Therefore this change in the UI has only one visible purpose to me. That purpose has nothing to do with iTunes as it is in 10.4.x, but has a small purpose in 10.5.0. That purpose is one I noticed when looking at the updated sneak peak for Leopard. In their video for Finder the sources in the sidebar have collapsing triangles next to them to make browsing though the sidebar much faster and easier. Immediately after seeing that in the video I looked at iTunes and didn’t see any of those collapsing triangles in it’s source sidebar. So, you can now see what purpose that collapsing triangle in iTunes 7.3 has to 10.5 beta users. Given that the collapsing triangles aren’t even next to the “Store”, “Library”, or “Devices” categories it has absolutely no real purpose that I can think of for 10.4.10 users. Enjoy, Alex