Rossetta Assumptions And Ideas Not True

/ 3 July 2007

When I first got my MacBook the only PPC app I knew was on my computer was Robolab 2.9, and that has many separate engines for compiling and downloading associated with it that are also PPC builds. When I use Robolab 2.9 the CPU power spikes quite high (I know because I use a tool called MenuMeters) and I assumed that it was all due to Rossetta working normally. But this morning I was playing a game on my computer (neverputt) that incidentally is a PPC app. The difference in Rossetta’s performance/ CPU load was tremendous. Unlike when I’m using Robolab 2.9 the CPU load was nearly the same unnoticeable graph it usually is when I’m just running Intel apps. I haven’t tried to play neverputt in full screen mode yet, but I’m sure that the CPU load won’t be that much higher if higher at all.

This has also shown me why Robolab 2.9 may be crashing so often. Since Robolab 2.9 requires the Fantom and LegoTower drivers to run if Rossetta fails to properly translate those to Intel then Robolab 2.9 will crash on startup since it can’t find the drivers necessary to talk with the RCX or the NXT. Enjoy, Alex