One Full Harry Potter Month

/ 3 July 2007

All of us that like J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books know that this month is quite a packed month for fans of the books and of the movies. On July 12th the new movie is being released, and then just 10 days later on July 21st the new (and last) book of the Harry Potter books comes out, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (I don’t exactly know those dates as what I know may be specific to Austria, it may be the same in the US, but I don’t know for sure). Therefore I wanted to point these two dates out on my weblog well before the month got far underway. I don’t know quite what you may do to get yourselves into the mood for this long-awaited month, but on my part I’ve decided to spend some part of as many days as I can playing my playlist in iTunes of all the Harry Potter music that I have (the entire album from the first movie and 3 songs from the album of the fourth movie that I purchased on the iTunes Store a while back).

So, this is the beginning of what’s most certainly the busiest month that I’ve been here this trip and other trips. Between these two Harry Potter events and the end of school I’ll be quite busy. Enjoy, Alex